Drunk Sally

Sally got drunk at the pickle jar,
Tried to drink herself silly and she got pretty far.
Tipped all the glasses up one by one:
the bootleg liquer and the buttery rum.

Drunk Sally (oh no), drunk Sally (yes yes)
Drunk Sally (stone drunk again)

Sally & the devil playin ball-in-the-cup
Early in the evening when she run out of luck
Sally sent the devil off to buy her a dram
He rolled back home in a little tin can

She picked-up the can, pulled-down on the tab
A little bitty devil swimmin in a tin can
She upped with the bottom and downed in the hatch
That Milwaukee beer and it sure don't last

Short on money, but long on time
One fat nickle and one thin dime
Ten cent a bottle and five cent a can
Grinnin' like a poor girl a'livin in sin